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Beth Bowers - Sage 100 Consultant

Sage 100 Certified Support Specialist

Selective Sub-Contracting

Beth Bowers, Sage 100™ Consultant

25028 Jefferson Center Street

Cassopolis, MI 49031

Cell: 269-358-0989

For 30 years, I have worked with Sage 100™ acc​ounting software in most capacities - installation, training, continued support, report writer, as co-owner of a VAR business, "manager" in a national accounting firm, and now as a sub-contractor to other resellers who need a little extra manpower.

Sub-Contractor for Support Services

Since 1999, I have been available as a subcontractor for on-site installation and training, Crystal Report creation and modification, Visual Integrator job creation, phone and email support. (Partners are based in Colorado, Wyoming, California, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, Idaho, Illinois, Tennessee... looking for that Hawaiian reseller who needs some on-site help!) (Note - finally found the Hawaiian client, but they haven't needed anything on-site yet...)


Custom-tailored training for support staff is available, including what common support questions arise in each module, common bugs, and copies of written procedures for such things as deposit processing in both Sales Order and Purchase Order, reversing cash receipts incorrectly posted to the wrong customer, and physical inventory steps.

Report Creation and Custom Office

Via email or file transfer, you can receive Crystal Reports, Report Master Reports, or Visual Integrator (or Import Master) reports to install at client sites. I can also setup Custom Office modifications. I also have an extensive library of Crystal Reports already created, in nearly all modules, including MRP, Inventory, etc. Need an aging for your Lot items in Inventory? Got it. (Looks similar to an AR/AP Aging.) Need the standard MRP report with a Product Line prompt? Got it. Need a 13 week Sales Order aging? Got it. Need a Daily Transaction Register with the Comment on the same line as the account? Got it.

Upgrade Seminars

I offer seminars on new products and upgrades. Depending on the product/upgrade, seminars may be hands-on (such as for ALE), or demonstration only (such as for RMA ). Seminars can be customized for your requirements.


Need backup support when you're on vacation or on-site with clients? Got it. Just sold a big install and need some help converting files? Got it. Have clients clamoring for a class in Crystal Reports? Got it.

 Experience WHEN you need it, as LONG as you need it! 

A proud member of 90 Minds, a consulting group for Sage 100 information sharing.

My husband and I are members of as a host family for boarding dogs while their owners vacation. Instead of sending your baby to a kennel, send them to our house, where they can play with our kids and sleep in our beds!